While customers and business leads alike remain almost equally speculative of any new product or service offering, knowledgeable marketers are still able to generate quality sales leads for their business by simply striving to be more visible than their competitors. Even if businesses have moved their marketing from the television and radio to search engines and social platforms, the goal remains largely the same. They still aim for the highest visibility and the attention of their target customers.

Why does visibility play such an important role in getting qualified leads?
Apart from the obvious, being more visible to your target customers helps them make decisions better and faster. Every single person alive today is constantly bombarded with vast amounts of information that, if we were to pay attention to every single one, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish much of anything. Because of this, we simply opt to rely on the technologies that we have to sort out these information for us. For example, though there may be hundreds of reliable websites about “learn how to fly an airplane” on the internet, because we have no time to look at each one, we settle for the websites showed by the search engines on their first and second pages.

The websites who are able to attain a position on one of these pages are the only ones who get the most conversions, even more so if the search keywords used are of high intent. No matter how valuable the information you offer on your website or blog, as long as it isn’t visible in these two pages, none of your customers would know that your website exists and all your effort will be for naught. While there are other methods to gain the top position in the SERPs, content creation is by far the most effective. The more you create valuable content relevant to your target sales leads, the more visible you become in the industry of your choice. And because the new-age of consumers voraciously consume a large amount of information daily, the more visible and relevant your content are, the more you will be accepted as the best solution, the more likely your products will be purchased.

Optimizing your website for search engines is not the only method to become highly visible. Social media channels also play a significant part on whether you take the top spot at the first two pages or you remain in the anonymity provided by the rest of the result pages. For optimal results, it is best if you join a popular social platform to quickly accumulate a considerable following. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are among the most effective, so promoting your website on one or two of these platforms is sure to result in business leads.

Search engines and the internet have certainly appealed to our desire for instant gratification and helped make everything easier for us. As marketers and business owners, we should not hesitate to utilize any and all available methods and resources to keep our websites as visible to our customers as we can or we risk losing valuable business to our competitors.



07/30/2012 6:15am

I agree that Social media channels play a very important figure. But Social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + not are an effeciency for countries such as Ukraine and Russia, because there are other popular Social media. I know because I live in Ukraine.


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